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  1. I've never used proxifier it seems simple enough is there anything that i should know about setting it up to run Rs3 is there any possibility at all of my IP address being leaked? I've put way to much of my life into my main to risk it at all lol
  2. How would a proxy host get your log in information sense runescape is a java app that isnt something that could be sniffed / logged right? I was under the impression that they couldn't see your log in information regardless if they wanted to
  3. I have tried this, it tells me that my browser doesnt support runescape 3 and to run the client. I even tried editing the user agent to mimic a browser that should of passed :/ Have you ran rs3 through maxathon successfully? I have socks 5 proxies i use for old school with no trouble
  4. I need to log into some accounts on Rs3 but it is a must that I do not link them to my home IP address. Does anyone have a method for loading rs3 through a proxy without risking my IP address leaking? I need to do this as soon as possible. I do have private socks 5 proxies to use for this btw i just cant figure out how to use them on Rs3. Thanks in advanced
  5. I am interested in this but know nothing about merching or flipping. Can this script know what items to flip on its on or is it required that I input a list ? If so could anybody either message me or point me in the right direction for learning how to merch at the GE, I would like to know anyways.
  6. Ran 40 accounts through Tut Island for him , great guy, looking for more orders if anyone is interested!
  7. How long will this sale be going for? tribot name: im not donnie have not purchased any proxies from your site but will order some soon and 15 or more if your sale will be on for a little while
  8. I am offering to run your accounts through tutorial island for you by hand as the ban rate with tutorial island seems to be pretty high. Due to Tribots rules I am not allowed to register the accounts for you. You must register the accounts yourself. I cannot fill orders over 30 accounts at a time and maintain my sanity. This service is temporary and would like to get enough gold to renew my VIP E for another month and then I will be done as I am making less then a mill an hour doing this by hand. 1 Account - 150k each 10 Accounts = 1.4M (140k each) 20 Accounts = 2.3M (130k each) 30 Accounts = 3.2M (120k each) If you are interested please send me a message or comment on this thread. I will of course go first to anybody that has a decent reputation and for those without any rep i will require payment for the ones i complete as I got along but not before i have finished anything.
  9. Your services have been top notch and i appreciate that, do not take offense lol i just happened to come across that deal and if its legit then it is too good to pass up
  10. I figured they recycled there proxies but there live chat agent "guaranteed" me that this was not the case. Figures, I might buy the 10 for 10$ and see how many of them are flagged give it a little test run and ill let you know how it goes man
  11. Trying to log into runescape on both the tribot client and the old school client and getting the error "no reply from login server - please try again in one minute". This has been ongoing for five minutes and i have reloaded the client and tried multiple worlds. Anyone else experiencing this or know whats up? I have tried to log into multiple accounts
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