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Everything posted by Sekirei

  1. None of my bots have failed any randoms for weeks. Lag on your end could be a cause of it.
  2. ABCL huh? Good job on the release !
  3. All orders taking card of. Online & selling.
  4. The chances of it being a J mod are relatively low.
  5. You won't get unbanned. They said they don't read appeals that have anything to do with botting or getting hijacked.
  6. Sounds like a RAT yea. Best thing to do would be to reformat your computer since it wont come up in most anti virus programs.
  7. add me on skype: Trisekirei
  8. ^^ this. You handled this completely wrong
  9. The user has been notified of the dispute. I will give him 24 hours to respond before taking any further action.
  10. Well it was originally a red dragon script. He chose to make it into a lava dragon script after the update. Lava dragons are so much harder to kill than red dragons and since they just recently came out it is taking some updates so he can get it right. Please be patient. Also do not double post next time edit your post.
  11. Sekirei

    Scammed by jaankross

    Due to the undeniable proof I have perm banned him.
  12. "https://tribot.org/forums/user/98283-bigboy01/Could you please provide the chatlogs to provide him proof of his scamming. Or you can open a dispute and fill out the form and if it all matches up we will perm ban him.Thanks." I sent them that. If they show me the skype log and it matches up the feedback stays. If they open a dispute and all matches up you will be perm banned for scamming and lying.
  13. Montreal posted why you got the TWC here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34381-feedback-disputes/#entry416494 I will not remove this feedback nor the other one as two people claim you scammed them. If they open a dispute you better be ready to prove you didn't scam them or you will be permanently banned. I would contact them and if they agree that you didn't scam them I will remove it. If not then it stays.
  14. Sekirei


    Smoke has 7 accounts at 99 fletching and I have 8 at 99 fletching. 2 are at 27mil xp lol. We don't get banned
  15. Welcome. If you have any questions feel free to contact me
  16. Looks good. I will try it out tomorrow Just so everyone knows he has paid to advertise on tribot. That is the only way we allow advertisements.
  17. Sekirei


    You do not deserve to be in this community. Do not create another account.
  18. Sekirei


    Not smart to create a account with a offense name. Also that is ban evading that's what you got banned for. Vancouver made a good call
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