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  1. I apologize for the question, I'm sure you get a lot of questions already answered in the documentation thread. I read it but missed the part where you need to use anti-venom+. Is that still accurate? I just bought the script to try on my ironman but don't have the herblore for that yet...
  2. It's an ironman with 2k total+ that's why I really just hope its a temp ban lol
  3. I used an agility script on a different account and got a 3 day or 5 day ban from it. I was considering running a zulrah script on a different account now. My account I play on now has no offences or reports, so would I just get a temp ban if discovered?
  4. I clicked "enable eating" but noticed it hadn't eaten and it was almost at half HP. When does it eat?
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