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  1. @TRiLeZ any feedback on this or anything? I'd tag someone else but i don't know who to tag.
  2. Description of the bug (be specific): Client display freezes whilst hopping worlds and/or minimized, I'm not sure exactly whats causing it. https://gyazo.com/ec3f5e63141f5e2565afc24192a58437 How often the bug occurs: I've only noticed it on exshopper which requires the bot to hop worlds often, but for this script within 5minutes every client is frozen. Triggers of the bug (if known): Minimizing client and/or world hopping Java version: Java Version: 1.8.0_102 64bit Max Heap Size: 386 mb TRiBot client version: 9.305_10 Looking Glass (yes/no): No Operating System: Windows 10 Script Name: ExShopper TRiBot Old-School or RS3: Old-School Client Debug: [11:55:32] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, choosing new random world.. [11:55:32] hopping to world 22 [11:56:33] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, choosing new random world.. [11:56:33] hopping to world 36 Bot Debug: [09:44:59] Loading runescape world list [09:45:00] Runescape world list loaded [09:45:00] Start worldjava.awt.Point[x=152,y=54] [09:45:00] End world java.awt.Point[x=152,y=470]
  3. Double chest boysss, just missed the screenshot in crypt, ty @Netami https://gyazo.com/011bc7065c3220db1a7980dfba62c547
  4. @Usa Been running great for a week or so now but the polling-booth bug has come back in past day or two. Could you look into it? Thanks https://gyazo.com/44aa0f07573627a4409141f0a16cb21f
  5. @Usa looks to be working smoothly but some of my accounts dont register that there's an anti-dragon shield in bank, as per this gyazo, could you look into it? https://gyazo.com/a75126538ebd188fcdb29c7fc1ab4d6c
  6. yay now i can buy more mcflurries, ty trilez
  7. https://gyazo.com/bf0e68d2cd9a93167e6aaa4a3eda866a ty @Netami
  8. No not yet. Only used a couple of accs, roughly 80 range/magic, 80hp, 50-60 prayer.
  9. Can confirm, have been helping @Netami test out this script, the movements are very fast and seem human like, there are a few problems with navigating tunnels currently but we are working through those. Very happy with this script so far.
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