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  1. went from 75-81 botting 2-3 hrs 4 days a week, got pet at 81 then perm banned lol was 1798 total btw too rip,
  2. figured lol, pls make a dank new script btw, i literally come here every week with hopes of a new aropupu script
  3. did mahog tables to 83 with this good bot
  4. seems to be working fine so far, will update if my main gets banned xd used for around an hour and the client got messed so irestarted it now the script wont start cause it thinks its still waiting for the gui settings even tho it started
  5. is this worth buying atm? does it work wiyj servant money bag?
  6. i dont think ive seen anyone dumber than you in my entire life lol
  7. all good seems to be working fine with full screen so im just gonna leave it like that, was wondering if u did private scripts btw just curious
  8. did i pick a wrong time to start using this script? ive used it before on all my accounts and it was awesome but im using it now and it cant even seem to go 4 mins without getting stuck with an interface or clicking at a part of the map thats not clickable wtf and it just freezes after that, im on fixed screen it clicks on the map and gets stuck sometimes, it panics when it runs abck to the start of the seers rooftop wait, do bots only work on full screen mode now?
  9. wrong thread, ur using aplunderer instead
  10. how can i make it stop after a certain amount of time?
  11. llucky dude i been tryna appeal a maxed rs3 main from 2013 and a 2k total from last year both perm banned but i just gave up legit lol
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