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  1. For the recond, Runelite hooks on but crashes instantly. OSBuddy is still black screened. I have adjusted all Client settings that seems to be pertinent.
  2. Thank you for this post. I know it took some time for you to make and it has some really valuable information to me. I can now understand that you are considering "v2" to be a completely different product. I enjoyed how you shed some light on the inner workings of the engineers and programmers and how Saas has developed and evolved. That part is what hit home for me. I also agree with the other user who said you should make a FAQ for this topic. You definitely have a good way of conveying information and answering questions. I can see how the new model will promote competitive growth among scripters. A bigger fiscal incentive will hopefully bring a variety of talent which will result in better and competitive scripts. Now your team just needs a way to capture the mobile market hehe.
  3. Thank you for bringing this up. Maybe you can help me to understand from a scripters point of view. I do understand that "lifetime" means the life of the product. The part I am having trouble understanding is with how many of these scripts are still being sold. For example (but not to talk down on), aAgility is still being sold. The product still exists. If lifetime access was sold, why has the access been dishonored and the product is now being sold on a monthly subscription basis. I am hoping you, or others, can help me see a different point of view. Edit: I think Wastedbro's post cleared this up.
  4. That was the point I was making. Scripters decided to offer a one time payment for lifetime access but one of the main complaints now I hear is no one wants to update their scripts anymore and honor that lifetime access.
  5. Interesting to hear you feel that way. I can understand why that may become frustrating. You should scroll through this thread and read my posts, revaluate your position and get back with me. I would appreciate anything constructive that you have to say!
  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. But I think there is some miscommunication occurring between us. My intent is not to demand justification, but rather to listen to a different point of view to try and learn more about the changes to Tribot's business model. I am a little confused by your reply to #1. Why do you think we need to prove whether I use bots for personal or profit? I think you are taking my questions out of context. I am not asking for justification or to be catered to, I am asking from a scripter's point of view how they feel these changes will improve the scripts. I have expressed my opinion and point of view. Now I am trying to understand the other side of the situation. As far as 2, the question was regarding quantities of feedback in relation to improvements. I am unsure where motivation ties into working with feedback data. For 3, we definitely do have some pretty solid idea with how they ban bots. For example, it is public knowledge that multiple accounts actions on a large scale are compared for similar player actions and timing that correlate among multiple accounts. This is one of the reasons ABC2 was implemented, to add variety to the behavior of bots. I think we can all agree that botting is never 100% safe. Maybe I was unclear with my question. The intent of my question is to ask if scripters really do have a bigger incentive to work on and improve their scripts, will lower ban rates be a result?
  7. I think I've made it pretty clear how I feel about the subject. I would honestly be satisfied if I even got to use the "6 month" time that was given in place of lifetime auths. I wasn't active at the time so in turn I feel robbed. But, I would love to hear more from your point of view as a scripter. I would be grateful to hear from you if you could speak on one of or even a few of my points I bring up about the goals of the initiative to change the business model of Tribot and the impacts it will have for better. I also invite anyone else to comment on these questions as well. 1. It appears the main goal of the change is to change how the flow of money works. I can understand how requiring a monthly sub and or putting restrictions on use will increase the funding to the scripters which will ideally in turn bring new/better/improving talent to the bot script pool. How do you see this change as being an improvement for the individual who bots for personal gain rather than profit? 2. I have seen it mentioned by scripters that this will improve the quality of the scripts. What general aspects of the botting experience will be better in term of the customer? Is losing a large portion of your script users going to negatively impact improvements and updates to the scripts? (quantitively less data/feedback to improve from) 3. Would these new changes make any improvements to the "Safety" of botting. Or put in another way, will these changes allow for a lower detection rate? Why or why not?
  8. Thank you for elaborating on your previous comment. Although I do understand how TOS work. Where you seem to be misunderstanding the situation is in the way you define "subscription" and "lifetime access." These terms are not interchangeable and do not carry the same definition.
  9. Now this seems like a response with merit to it. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I understand the sentiment of you should have never offered lifetime auths. We can all agree that was a short sighted move that was bad for you. My concern is with the restitution of your forfeited services. You (I say you, but I mean scripters and Tribot in general) offered a service to a customer decided to go back on your word. Updating scripts/software is normal course of business. I understand the versions have changed by now from two years ago. But you offered "Insert script name here" for life at "$XXX". Yet you still continue to create and sell these same scripts with a monthly subscription based model now. Updates are just part of offering software as a commodity. You can't honestly say that updating a program turns it into a new product. That is just the nature of providing botting for an online game. Everything will always change and if you expected to never have update your scripts in a static game, I can understand that. But going into bot scripting with the expectation that the game will stay the same is absurd.
  10. That seems like a baseless claim. Lifetime access to a script was purchased. How would one "earned your money you paid for" in this scenario? I understand the desired implementation of the change but the fact of the matter is Trilez Software went back on the original agreement with their customers at the customer's expense. I purchased the lifetime auths knowing full well I play this game off and on. It made more fiscal sense for me to purchase a lifetime auth than a subscription based auth.
  11. Those terms have nothing to do with lifetime Auths as they are not subscription based and everything to due with the subscription based model to use the botting platform. i.e. $8 per month For VIP-Extended.
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