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  1. I was botting a defence pure @ seaguls
  2. Just got perm banned first time i thought you get 2 days, 2 weeks then perm?
  3. Whenever i get pots out and start the bot it just walks to the bank and deposits all the combat pots then walks back to the spot and continues to train like normal just without the pots i wanted to use
  4. When i have a full invent of combat pots the bot just walks to the bank and deposits them all...
  5. Been using this for the past 24 hours or so, it doesnt seem to relog after the 6 hour auto log And i cant seem to find the option for pots?
  6. Last location before getting banned?: Not sure Skill botted?: Worthys Zulrah Slayer Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 1 Hour (Only owned the script 12 hours) How long did you bot per day?: Didnt even have it a day Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) VPN Scripts Used? Worthys Zulrah Slayer Other Bots Used?: aAgility for about 3 hours over a few days How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 18/05/2017 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Maxed main, 2.1k total Just a heads up
  7. Buying 50M - Bitcoin
  8. Does this offer summer pie agility boost support?
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