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  1. i found that just re-starting it fixes it when that happens, and on the login panel there's an option to change the heap size, keep it at the default 386mb and try
  2. I've fixed it by altering the heap size to 1024mb
  3. What fixed my problem was changing the heap size during the login screen
  4. meh i've given up, used 32 bit jdk with the jar and still can't hook even with a fresh install
  5. i'd like some of the bottom links like user agreement and terms and conditions to not lead to a 404 and actually have something there
  6. they're onto this script hand did an account with baseline stats for this script, ran it flawlessly in one take, got banned the next morning can't really say it was anything else tbh
  7. https://gyazo.com/dc8c23329dc0f92926be9cc0712cd831 anotha one
  8. Argument used: purchaseItems; Quest the script was on: underground pass killing spider Description of what was happening: npe after killing spider Screenshot/gif, if relevant: Bot/client debugs (please include in spoiler as they will be very long):
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