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  1. "Since you are not VIP, your are only allowed to run ONE script at the time. PLease close your other instances of TriBot to use this one." I have no other instances of tribot running what should i do?
  2. The same problems keep happening over and over again, the supports just says they will talk to taco. Right now I have not been able to run the script for 80% of the time since I bought it...
  3. Started with a really small cashstack so I am happy. Will prob transfer about 150m from other account in the coming days and see how it does.. right now im doing around 300k/hr with 14m stack.
  4. Dont know if it is still supported but just used it on my pure and worked perfect.
  5. Been running this script for a couple of hours and the speed is fine, I havent tried to optimize bank etc. Solid and safe script so far =)
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