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  1. Is this still worth a try to farm on 2-4 accounts? Also whats th average gp/h rate these days? Heard alot ban these days. Didnt bot for few months. If so im gonna buy this for sure!
  2. when i log in in any place like fally bank or fally cows i start and it does that(script wont run) in other computer that runs fine same location not sure what to do...
  3. [20:06:29] Starting client. [20:06:39] Downloading script 'Dev AIO Cows'. [20:06:47] Script Started: Dev AIO Cows. [20:06:48] java.lang.NullPointerException [20:06:48] at scripts.b.K(Exchange.java:32) [20:06:48] at scripts.b.e(Exchange.java:21) [20:06:48] at scripts.AutoCows.run(AutoCows.java:53) [20:06:48] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [20:06:48] Script Ended: Dev AIO Cows.what that suppose to be ?? [21:21:23] at obf.Og.L(jf:52) [21:21:23] at obf.mG.getGraphics(dm:767) [21:21:23] at client.r(client.java:1126) [21:21:23] at bs.ni(bs.java:221) [21:21:23] at bs.run(bs.java:172) [2
  4. I know Randoms are client side. I got the latest Tribot. One time i can run it for 10 mins other time for 3 hours. Still randomly loggs out for nothing. EDIT: This all happens on lobsters in Catherby. Ur fishing sharks at fishing guild
  5. Got killed by a random, using Catherby Sharks. script missclicks the stairs in lumb so it will try to walk all the way? bugged over 15 times walking lumb > catherby. Other account just logged out for nothing, just restarted it.. Need to check on em every 20mins... Any fixes? Thanks
  6. does it support house tele to drynor law runes ? and if it does how much that would make ph no pouches at all ?
  7. i have mr mhdjml script and works 24/7 perfectly fk devloader tho lol .)
  8. not sure if trilez does something about bug alot of scripters fixed it and made their script work
  9. im sure it happened after tribot update to 7.41 becouse other clients work one freezed opened new one bam dont work so lets wait trilez to fix da sht or some other mods idk
  10. anyone wanna tell me about ban rate ? if bot with not flagged ip about 15h a day how good possibility is there to get banned? i kinda wanna hear few comments from someone so i might try it out
  11. lucky you i had all bots kinda made same time and few of them randmly got no ban(i always run them together) meybe just coincidence ? and good luck with old ones
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