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  1. This account was hacked. I no longer play runescape.

  2. You guys do know that a total weight of -10 is same as 0... anything below 0 is a waste of gear.. (when fully loaded obv)
  3. Sorry, just wanted to give a warning to whomever is botting stupidly... (account names etc)
  4. b/c whoever got busted in the picture above is top of the old school runescape page on reddit, the same page where every single OSRS jmod posts personally.... when people bitch there shit gets done.... that jmod already replied to that picture and said he is taking care of it. He's the same one that goes around and mutes/teleports merchers, and bans nmz sellers. He's not fucking around. Edit: they already found the master who was runecrafting lol http://imgur.com/DXRHiyU
  5. If y ou do that you could sell for $25 ea lol
  6. With lava runes can you add the binding necklace support, lunar pouch repair and lunar rune imbue?
  7. Wow Jmod replied to that picture I reposted earlier... ModMatKVerified for awesome 3 points 26 minutes ago "So you're asking us to move all the crafters to a PvP world?"
  8. LOL whoevers accounts these are is gonna get banned... that pic was posted on reddit LOL http://i.imgur.com/nEY4W8q.png
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