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  1. Is looking glass down..? Black screen says cannot find 32bit client, though im running 32bit jdk and cross-platform osbuddy. worked a couple days ago.
  2. Bump This is the third time in a row I've bought VIP and had LG go down within the first few days.. Looking for confirmation that it's not just myself it's not working for.
  3. LG was loading earlier today but won't now. Is it up for anyone else?
  4. TooMany

    Buying 16 Credits

    PM or post w offer! asap!
  5. Is this still happening, man?
  6. How many different accounts should I have ready before i buy a single auth zulrah?
  7. This kind of proactive support is why I'm happy to keep coming back every month. Thanks @Todd
  8. Anyone still use this script? Hasn't worked for me for some time.
  9. Appreciate the response, appreciate'cha work.
  10. Oh my! Any rough estimate of price at this time? I could gain tremennndously from using this!
  11. Really hoping you can get this one out soon, man! would be a blessing for sure
  12. So far I've used almost every script on the repo, none of which ive been able to get to get back to the catacombs after banking. Has anyone had any luck with this? Thanks!
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