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  1. Rohm

    Scammed by Rohm

    It wont let me refund to solve the dispute. It only lets me add "additional information". Deluxe said that you canceled it so once it says that i can refund it or just pay it back. EDIT : I'm unable to send money when there is an open dispute ........
  2. Rohm

    Scammed by Rohm

    Anyways. @Flax If you look at the post on osbot you'll see that he filed a dispute during the second transaction right after he sent it to me. I said if he gives the gold to a mod from the first transaction before he scammed me that i will then refund both charges . Simple as that.
  3. Disable the grahpics via tribot.
  4. iv been selling gold @ .95!
  5. Do you have java? EDIT: okay i thought the post above was the main body. Check what verison of java you have. Try 111u . I know people were having issues with java but not when opening it. Have you looked thru the "guides/tutorials" for any help?
  6. I have been unable to succeed using any of the premium RC scripts on here. Although iv'e heard of people who have heard of people being very successful !
  7. I took a pic so you know where to look for it.
  8. Your new Bible @HeroNecker659 https://tribot.org/forums/forum/6-tutorials/
  9. You might be fine going with the new AMD R 5 series that just released. One of my computers had the 750 Ti in it and it wasn't a terrible graphics card. It could run 85% of games at a playable setting at low / medium settings! Good luck with your build. Just remember 9/10 times you get what you pay for!
  10. ill buy some if you'd like to go first? Add my skype if your intreseted man
  11. Awesome. Thanks, if someone else wants to use it too i have no problem with it. I wanna experiment with it How many acc's have been banned on it?
  12. May i try it please? by all means you can give info to someone else aswell!
  13. "Don't bot during Jagex work hours are just rumors" I feel that during their working hours they're more prone to be on the lookout for bots therefore i just try to stay off when they are awake Really it was just a common sense thing to me. Im not saying its not possible to do. I just feel IMO the percentage of success is higher while they are not at work Awesome account
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