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  1. idk whats so "custom" for me, a lot of ppl use the 3/4 spots im talking about, but thats ok if you cant simply make the script run north and south.
  2. can u redo the resetting part please. For the 4 spot location when it resets, it doesnt go straight up, instead it run Northwest then runs southwest and then runs east back to the spot, it just makes it so much longer and leaves the spot open for a long time and messes up everyone else who is afk'ing because when it runs east it runs through other spots..
  3. come on man, can you fix this... a paid script should not have such a bug that doesn't allow the script to run more than 30 mins without babysitting... it's been a week, here's a screenshot.. The character gets stuck on the red rectangular spot. And resetting in general is bad, even when it is successful and reaches the original spot, it does so by clicking on the minimap instead of the floor itself when im right next to the spot like two times and then it clicks the spot on the floor. This makes it take longer and look sus for no reason
  4. damn, it just happened to me again and i fixed it before reading this... but it happens a few times per hour actually it gets annoying i keep losing spots cause of it and its mad sus. Basically it stops in the middle of returning back to sand crabs and just sits there doing nothing until i click the minimap then it goes back to my spot. It probably gets stuck returning, you should check the code for while returning.
  5. I had to terminate the bot using manager because my script was running but tribot didn't let me click any buttons, my bot was running but the client itself was frozen.. and i also dont see anything running on my tribot manager
  6. I get the error "Since you are not a VIP, you are only allowed to run one script at a time. Please close your other instances of TriBot to use this one." even though im only running one instance... reset my comp, ended all java programs in manager and still get this error. What do i do?
  7. i dont get how to set this script up.. i wanna use the 4 spot and want it to be afk if im alone, or click on only the 4 crabs around me if someone is crashing me so i can still kill crabs, how do i do that? I tried to click the option 'afk' option but then it doesnt attack crabs if i get crashed, and if i click the option 'attack other ppl's crabs' then it will leave my spot and attach random crabs..?
  8. so that would mean my mule account would have to be created rn, would it be better to use a brand new mule lvl 3 acc on a separate ip or use an acc i have for like 7 yrs on my ip
  9. can my mule be on the same ip as my main, or should it be on a dif ip than my main and dif ip than my bots? (my main/mule currently share my home ip, and my bots are on a dif ip.)
  10. I know that it is possible to get ip banned by jagex, but is it possible for jagex to flag one's computer itself? In other words, if i use a vpn/proxy to hide my internet ip address and I get ip banned, will jagex be able to flag any future accounts made from my computer using a different ip address?
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