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  1. its working when im not using vpn but i need to use vpn unless im gettin ban
  2. my client wont load it stop at loading class ko.class and its sit there for hours
  3. i want to purchase 2 credits
  4. you can't send credit you need 100 post to do so
  5. everything is good in this script i like it very much and its free i definitly would pay for this script but can you fix something because when it get to the apothecary somehow it gets stuck there and dont do anything in romeo & juliet quest plz can you fix this would save alot of time cuz i had to fix it all myself on each bots everytime like i said i would definitly pay for a script like this thanks so much btw
  6. the mule addon dont seems too work for me i've tried a couple of time i did everything in varrock bank i put all my bots in clan said the location and the world and they didnt even move yet
  7. i was wondering if anyone have a rs account creator script or anything like it who can supplie me the information where to get it and all plz thx
  8. hey guys i just want to let you know that i am on a 108 hour progies from saturday 17 till atm and just wanna know why jagex havent ban me yet its like a friking miracle
  9. and things like password should i get different password for each bots or i can keep the same and how many hour a day max i should bot to prevent being ban
  10. do you know if goldfarming is maybe the main reason why i get banned cuz most of the time i get ban its because i was goldfarming but when i was just leveling and looting Nothing i did not got ban
  11. yeah thanks i know that tutorial but i was looking for Something different this time
  12. Hey i was wondering if you guys could help me giving your tips on how to avoid being banned tips and all because every account i've created gets banned after 4 hour or 1 days max when you bot your skill only for leveling it looks safe like i could run the script for week but when i mix leveling + goldfarming together it looks like i keep getting ban in less than 1 days of using even tho i use breakhandler i need help anything could help guys keep up the great work with the client tho best client ever sorry for the writing kinda bad
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