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  1. It seems that it is having trouble opening build interface on resizeable. I believe that was the issue i was running into. I had tried to restart it multiple times in resizeable and same thing happens. but once i did fixed, it was working just fine.
  2. Script has been reported as broken for many months and have yet to had any support from @Starfox. Just to alleviate more refund claims, i am reporting it as broken and unsupported. Last update date was November of 2018.
  3. Great script so far as usual. There is something i run into when i lag a bit. And for some reason the bot will click on an already made air staff and will afk until it ends script due to no EXP gains. I am guessing at the time it made the last air staff, the client lagged and so it clicked the air orb and the battlestaff just as it makes it making it break. A failsafe could be clicking the inventory or the bank twice or something to deselect the battlestaff.
  4. It takes like 2 mins to download my guy.
  5. You tagged yourself for credit. Respect.
  6. Is there a reason for the bot to always click world switcher as soon as it starts up?
  7. The script clicks the world switcher upon start-up. Yet i do not have world-hop enabled. Also, do you plan on adding a degradation effect when botting for longer periods of times? missclicks, slower reactions, more afk?
  8. Use the format that can be found in the sub section. Thanks.
  9. Is there a possibility that you add support to the other yew trees in woodcutting guild? there is a deposit box there that can be used to bank. Speaking of banking, i have axe wielded and it still right clicks the logs to deposit all instead of just clicking the deposit all button (the one that looks like the backpack).
  10. Death walk normally refers to walking back to where you died to pick up your items. Maybe it is broken in this script but that is the jist of it. If you can include a debug/script trace, it would help the scripter with finding the problem.
  11. Is this updated to the new zoom distance?
  12. You will probably not be told this but proxyfish has a negative rep for their proxies. They have one of, if not the worse support on the market.
  13. I have not read everything but i have read the OSRS Botting 2018. Those points you made about manual reviews, are indeed POSSIBLE factors in bans but there is NONE made clear on which they go off of. Not all bans are manual. Tribot uses human mouse data that differs depending on accounts/usernames (i am pretty sure) which jagex would need to identify the seed associated with the account and ban that account directly. With many people having different seeds attached to their account, it would be impossible for it to be all done manually. From my experience, I have multiple 100+ hour progg
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