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  1. Can you please make it so when making wines, it clicks the closest grape and jug of water next to each other? & maybe space bar to create instead of click? I think this is much more human-like. Thank you so much in advance!!
  2. They all run but no actions are being done. Re-downloaded Tribot client already. What's wrong?
  3. I have 72 agility now. With 40k exp/hr! Is that normal-ish? Considering I have the diaries done to teleport, no food in inventory because of 99 hp cape, etc?
  4. How am I only getting an average of 30k/hour with 64 agility and seers village hard diaries done (teleporting) what are the most optimal settings to run?
  5. Maybe they should refund him then lol
  6. Why is every script messed up right now? NMZ , WC, etc etc. It keeps clicking inventory tab..... ????????
  7. Super slow bot. Powermining at East Ardounge and the reaction of the bot mining the next ore and dropping is slower than a snail. It's like an autistic kid playing the game. 18k/hr average exp with 52 mining lol.
  8. I'm new to botting and have absolutely no idea how to start up looking glass. I have OSBuddy running and clicked on "New Client" in Tribot but it just starts up another tab up to loading screen. Is that supposed to be it? I'm VIP
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