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  1. Its worth looking into! Very valuable tool!
  2. Looking Glass is a way to run your bot through another client (Osbuddy/Firefox) in order to look less like a bot. Its Available for VIP-E members.
  3. 2 day bans seems to apply to more seasoned accounts where new accounts always get the perm.
  4. Set up realvnc - I have this issue and vnc has no issues connecting even if tightvnc won't.
  5. I think a little different, I think they see if your playing osbuddy, see if your playing Firefox, see if your playing their launcher, but not being able to see what your playing on could be a red flag.
  6. I like the sounds of this! May I recommend Druidic ritual? It's fairly easy as a lvl 3 and very simple/useful
  7. Botting is highly competitive - people won't lay it all out for you. But take your time and look through the forums, everything you need to know is here. Finding your own methods is the best anti-ban Edit: This is a great place to start:
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