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  1. Hey, needed some assistance with removing the hooks.dat on my dedicated server. Currently using a CentOS server. Great guide regardless, but looking for help with CentOS. Thanks.
  2. Just tried to open up a Tribot Client it loads up and says successfully logs in but the actual client doesn't open. Anybody else having this issue? edit: nvm i think trilez updated something
  3. I'm repeatedly getting a grey screen once connected through VNCviewer... never had this problem until i rebooted my server and did all the steps... any help?
  4. Scripts working fine for me the past 4 days now. 1-70 mining on 15 accs feelsgoodman
  5. is this script still viable? I used it for around 5 months straight, this past summer and made billions but got ban waved for over 300 accounts. Any problems with bans lately?
  6. nothing has worked, did everything i was suppose too, no luck.
  7. Yes , I have read that aswell. Sorry for being rude I am just frustrated. I will try again tomorrow & repeat the steps.
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