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  1. Yes this script is working amazingly well for me too, I purchased it on Saturday and been running about 18 hours a day with no ban yet Am I right in believing if I do get a ban, it should only be a temp ban as it will be my first offence on the account?
  2. NMZAddict

    Ban question

    Thanks for the response, I avoided it just got 70 suiciding (will stop it tonight, let's see if I wake up to a temp ban). Been messing about with the antiban, but not sure I am changing it for the better haha
  3. NMZAddict

    Ban question

    CyberWizard, have you had success with using the Seers agility course, or do you recommend avoiding using this? @CyberWizard
  4. About a year ago I was thinking about using this for agility but heard Seers had a high ban rate... I bought this script yesterday and planned on getting 89 agility avoiding Seers, however I am now thinking about completing Kandarin hard diary and doing the Seers course for better xp rates. Has there been many bans at Seers? For anyone that has got high agility using this, what would you suggest?
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