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  1. Lol i might actually do the blast furnace! actually nb idea man. But i got temp banned a little while ago, made like 70m hopefully it'll keep going without a ban again soon
  2. Yamumsohard

    Vork bot

    Rip, well thanks anyways bro
  3. Yamumsohard

    Vork bot

    Just wondering read a few posts about a voekath script a while back, but no one that was making it I could find to be online. Did anyone finish making it?
  4. Bump never made the transaction.
  5. Yeah you can bot after 2 day ban, but change the IP! I think over all the years of botting only one with a 2 day ban has been permed lol, the rest i just kept botting till i was content.
  6. Fair yeah, I got 2 med levels almost mains think I'll burn them first and I'll probably post results
  7. Hey there guys, looking to buy one credit with rsgp sorry no PayPal.
  8. Just don't enjoy the game like I used to and prefer not to bot the starting off lol, I'll put up a log sometime
  9. Thanks for all the reply, yeah I feel like the only time I enjoy the game is the early grind which is nice for me, almost completely maxed rs3 too while I was at it. But I think imma just death bot it with zulrah like you say and get as much gp out of it, I got 150 more losses than wins at da lol, and I don't like the idea of selling it too
  10. Hey there community, i'm pretty much going to either bot it to death or give out for scripting purposes, vorkath bot? lol. Any ideas what to bot? It's max melee, almost range and mage with 96 slayer. Only reason i''m doing this is im over the boring grind, raids just arnt that great and the game itself is kinda boring lol
  11. It brought a insane way to earn money its like $1k + an hour atm but totally illegal, and is probably the cause of gp prices so low atm, not giving out method but if your smart you'll know whats going on. But in saying that i'm not sure botting wise, I've used other bots on mobile with a screen sharing software with some success
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