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  1. @blasphemy i used one like a few months ago and it was pretty shitty and very obvious. i did get full void but i had to watch the crap out of it lol
  2. thanks for all the feedback guys, ya I'm still trying to make up my mind on what to do
  3. @imsoft1 haha yea i was very happy it was a two day banned but at the same time i think the last time i posted a lot of people said they still botted and where fine.. I'm just frustrated bc i know it got banned for zulrah which is a money making method and quickly to get banned. i did a lot of NMZ and magic botting before hand and was completely fine for months.. which is why i kind of feeling NMZ would be fine. just want to here more peoples experiences haha
  4. made a post a while back sort of about this same topic but from the title you can see why i might want a little more advice and input. Long story short on my ALT main (semi care about) i got a 2 day banned and i know what it was from. I ran Zulrah bot wayyyy to long in a 2 day period and got a 2 day banned. I'm in doctorate school with finals the next 2 weeks and it would be cool to get some decent xp while I'm studying. I'm not looking to run some crazy scripts that have high risk, i was just thinking about re running a NMZ bot on this account for maybe 2-3 hours a day or every other day and that is it.NMZ has a low ban rate from what i have heard so i just wanted to hear any input on people who have bottled after a 2 day banned and are still fine and still botting, or if they did it and got perm banned. I'm a semi new botter so i don't know all the ins and outs like a lot of you I'm sure. But i hear people running that bot 10 hours a day on LG and maxing accounts out all the time. If you have any good input on if you think this is "safe"(obviously some risk) or any input at all regarding botting post 2 day banned or how they might be watching my account differently now that it has a 2 day banned please let me know. Sorry for the long post but this forum has been so helpful and a great resource for me as i learn. Thank you so much in advance.
  5. xxpoopyxx

    Ban Rates?

    @Trojuun depends on a lot of things. for one what method were u using to train? NMZ bot is very very good so you would probably be fine. if it wasn't that then depends on where u trained and what script, where you easily reportable in that area etc.. usually money botting seems to be within like 2 days.. but there is some training ones shat they delay for like 1-2 weeks so if u bot other things you don't know what you got botted for if that makes sense.
  6. @jakebeal123 yea i know the only two scripts id do is NMZ and probably just alch.
  7. @Pkpower i have been for sure. I've gotten addicted to killing zulrah lol. ever happened to you? you think it'll be safe?
  8. @samm710 thanks for the response man really appreciate the input. question for ya. how recent was the banned? I'm just asking bc if it was like 2 years ago or something then they could have tighter system to detect now days. ya i used to stun alch down near lumbridge but on a goblin away from people. so i did that from 80-89 mage for about 4 hours a day. i was thinking id just be real safe and alch in my player owned house. for a couple hours a day. i just am in school so its hard as hell to sit here and train right now with finals coming up. i want to run nmz and alch. any more advice?
  9. so i got a 2 day ban on one of my alt mains that i semi care about. there are some really safe scripts like NMZ and in my opinion TRis combat for alching. I was wondering now that my account has a 2 day ban (happened a week or so ago) how do they monitor this account differently then they would any other account? i changed my IP on this account but i don't know enough about how they look into it? is it a scare tactic and its just luck of the draw on getting reported or something or is it like okay this guy has a 2 day ban and now he's being added to the "watch list" lol.. main reason I'm asking is like i said i semi care about this alt main but id still like to get its mage and stats up and i feel nmz and alching bot i was using (not what i got banned for) were both safe and I'm interested and botting them again on it but playing it more safely then ever? any advice?
  10. @Azuz53487 care to give me some botting tips? would really appreciate it
  11. @Rohm last question what kind of skills do you bot? or like what have u been botting
  12. @Rohm did you change ur ip after that? i was wondering if they now flagged my Ip or account or both?
  13. @Rohm may i ask what you have been botting and how much per day?
  14. hey guys i recently over bottled a script on here that got me a 2 day banned. i know what script it was and it was a money making method so I'm pretty positive it was that one.. before i ran that script i used Tris magic bot to alch to 80, and then stun alch to 89. I'm currently 89 mage. I'm really wanting to get 94 (haven't done DT so Im not going to go blitz monkeys at mm) 55-89 took about 1.5-2 weeks bc i did it slow/safe as i could. basically my question is i used tris bot for a while probably 5-7 hours a day depending on the day and used LG and never had any problems, i really want to just say screw stun alching since someone could see and report me and just go to my player owned house and run the bot again (to reduce risk of getting reported). It has a great antiban for alching, I've watched it a lot in the beginning, different click intervals, random breaks, messes up, doesn't click same spot, etc. so with that all that being said i was wondering what your opinions are on me using tris bot again and going to alch in my player owned house for short hours maybe 2-3 a day with a break to get 94. I know there are a lot of ways to get it normal and i will if i have to, I'm just in school so hard to do that. I'm semi new to botting so was wondering your opinions if you think this is "Semi safe" to do. I've considered running nmz bot on it as well even know its had a 2 day ban just bc that script is so well written as well and seems hard to detect and I've used it in the past to level. I just here stories on here all the time of people no life alching and no life agility botting and they are completely fine. Sorry for long post, just looking for insight and opinions. thank you in advance.
  15. @robry you think if i run LG 100 percent of the time and start out slow and build up with even having a 2day banned already on the acc it would be ok to rebot? how often do you run it perday?
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