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  1. Thank fucking god. Not coming back to new launcher until it gets the ability to never open left ui to do this bots most basic primary function.
  2. edit: nevermind. For some reason downy client likes to work when you COPY/PASTE instead of writing. Even though The odds of me writing the proxy wrong 50 times are 0%.
  3. Just bought VIP-E. Went to run tribot. Tried on multiple PC and both get the same error "We were unable to run the updation sequence for TRiBot thoroughly. Error Message: "Error checking latest dependencies versions.." Does this just mean tribot is down? or do I have to fix something? Don't want to waste my subscription..
  4. If i buy your script can i only run this on 1 runescape account per time i purchase it? it says "amount of accounts which can be run at once" is 1, but i'm not sure if that's tribot accounts or runescape accounts. If that's runescape accounts, not really interested in it considering that means I have to pay for multiple tribot accounts, yikes bro.
  5. It seems no one really gave you a straight answer. Even though your main is not botting, if you bot on your own IP you risk getting chain banned because jagex can't detect if the botted funds are going to your main which would mean you're technically involved. So yes, you can get banned. Invest in a proxy it's cheap, keep your main safe.
  6. Posting again instead of editing. Script works fine for what i was doing all though it doesn't move the camera a lot and movements seem to be pretty linear, this is fine but you should implement the use of stam pots because without this the bot is already slow and will take you forever to make your initial return back, and judging by how much anti ban is in the bot(not much) don't expect to make a amazing profit off this script. (if any at all) If anyone is looking for an idea on how good the script is; it managed to make a 900-1.2m an hour money making method to 350k-400k Stam pots would put this up to 650k an hour easy and might be worth while. Once a few people get banned using this script combined with the simple patterns this bot uses, expect 24H bans. I'd happily pay more money for a better script if you decided to make this script better and charge more, but as it currently stands, even for 5$ (limited to 2 accounts) seems like a lot of effort. + Don't forget the cost of a proxy because who bots on their own IP lol
  7. Don't understand why everyone is asking for a refund when the trial time is 10 hours, you should test everything before you buy it or at least the method you're going to do. All though i see the scripter is working on fix's so that's nice; I'll post my feedback when i am all set up
  8. Was interested in this but when i saw 1 account per auth... no way this will make my initial investment back. tried it for an hour though, nice script. Perhaps the 50$ unlimited auth might be worth it but.... hefty requirements.
  9. Was wanting to do pineapple pizzas, i pmed you what the gp/rates are for it still. I mathed it out a few days ago and found it to be quite promising if you have the accounts to do it.
  10. Yeah i tried and noticed it doesn't work, It's actually better than you think it is though, esp if you have lots of accounts to work with. I'll give begs cooker a try, i hope the ban rate is not high.
  11. Does this script still work? Is it up to date with Jagex's new make all option? I notice you said you would work on that back in october, has that been resolved yet?
  12. Hi, does this script support making pineapple pizzas? If not would that be possible for you to add? I'm interested in buying this script (for life time) if it supports this. If it does not, I may be interested in having you make a private pineapple pizza maker script depending on your price. (So it has low ban rate)
  13. That's still a huge price drop in such a short amount of time being as it stayed $1-0.90/m for over a year. Regardless, something is going on and we're getting to the point where it's going to be 50 cents a mil soon.
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