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  1. Hopefully someone is pissed about jagex locking so many accounts lmao
  2. Just use the Message Listener for trade requests.
  3. that wallet is looking pretty empty lol
  4. I'd say there is a 80% chance anyone who claims they got hacked from using tribot just entered a "giveaway" and got phished.
  5. it's the first time I've seen it happen but the script got stuck up stairs in the quest house some how.
  6. What kind of cool database stuff do you guys do with your scripts?
  7. I'm curious on what tools or methods you guys find most useful for automating your farms. I find stock piling accounts more effective than creating a new account when banned, by doing this you essentially have 0 down time if your account is banned you just grab a new account from the stock piled list.
  8. send me a PM i can make you a basic one that will get the job done.
  9. I've tried hes more concerned about farming himself lol
  10. I want to be able to start tribot from command line choosing the account&script& world. Let me know if you can make one or have one I'll pay for one just tell me how much you want.
  11. someone will write a premium raid script somewhere and it will be far less that that lol
  12. I've noticed tribot's webwalker doesn't take into account that the dark wizards south of varrock can kill low level players walking on the path. It would be nice if your webwalker took this into account and walked more west of the path when passing the spot.
  13. I'm noticing sometimes it tries to kill something it can't reach like on the other side of a wall. Maybe if the server message displays "I can't reach that!" move onto the next possible target to attack?
  14. I bet you could get 99 magic with a splashing or alching script pretty safe.
  15. I haven't figured out how to use magic for this script because when it banks to get more food it deposits all the runes and goes back to the spot.
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