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  1. i bought universal shopper an it does not work one bit straight garbage please refund my money.
  2. give me my mothafuckn money back bro this shit script dont even mothafuckin work at ALLL!!!!!!!
  3. i havent used this script since it was exbuyer did you ever make it open the item packs right after your done buying them so you dont have to go back and forth to the bank?
  4. why hasnt the automatic world changer been added to this script yet looks obvious logging in and out retyping your name an pass in constantly..
  5. got banned this morning at yaks after getting to 1-80 str using this
  6. script gets stuck sometimes when you rest to 100 percent and just sits there
  7. yh banking is key if your using a pure account my favorite banking is setting the tiles from the monster an then setting the tile at the bank an webwalking back an forth if you could implement that i wouldnt imagine it would be too time consuming. thanks again!
  8. nice script so far its been running pretty smooth. could you add a preset for al kharid warriors that will open the doors efficiently an attack the closest one too it? also could you add a banking option with the option to bank at a bank booth or a deposit box and do the banking for anywhere through webwalking like saving your tile where you monsters are then saving the tile at the bank?
  9. i would greatly appreciate that it just seems like the ban rate is much higher so maybe rewriting would do wonders an who knows maybe boost sales!
  10. i am now fuckn pissed an irritated i am a owner of multiple premium scripts and the fucking shit is saying i can only run one script because im not vip the thing is im not running any at all!!! this isnt the first time this bullshit has happened either an im sick of nobody doing anything about it.
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