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  1. Im willing to pay extra to bot a larger farm, then only thing I need is. if while pickpocketing player detected on screen detected then WORLDHOP. @Druid PM me or post here if interested.
  2. Im not spamming, did you know how old is this account? Do not power abuse!

    1. Memberino


      I have no need to [spam] your forums sir. You're looking into the wrong person

  3. Sir, great script! However, sometimes is NOT opening the coin pouches.. and that is bad. Can you please check? The ratio is 1 opened of 3 existing coin pouches at inventory. Thank you!
  4. Good points, and yes, most of times, a ban is triggered by a player report. Mostlikely.
  5. Hello there, looking to buy 20 credit. Paying with 07 gold, best regards.
  6. As slarken says, not depositing stamina, instead clicking search button, and looping
  7. same here, what the actual fuck is happening? We have not been notified, the script is not on my list anymore.
  8. No estas viendo q el bot no sirbe maldito desesperado lambucio. Is not working you dumbass, you shall wait longer.
  9. Sent you the details, this is just the picture
  10. Great, ill do that, Thanks for your superb support.
  11. Yes, food issues seems fixed so far. Great, thank you. Just read my post above, with a kinda rare problem, please check it out @Aropupu
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