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  1. Same problem here, but for me it crashed even without 'block user input' active. Hope this is fixed soon!!
  2. Hi, my 32bit Tribot wont hook up to the Runelite for all platforms, only the 64bit tribot will, however then i still get the client close when using keyboard input. Any other fixes for that? Cheers
  3. Just realised that it actually only happens when the camera is orientated from the east side. The right click hover on curtain blocks the cat hp bar.
  4. This works great for the first 10 or so behemoth kills but after that it stops counting the kills and indicats the wrong cat hp so doesnt feed, luckily i was babysitting so all good. Im using wily hellcat. bot debug just spams [17:40:35] java.lang.NullPointerException doubt thats helpful but will keep testing to see if this is the same each time. cheers
  5. Script has been working great and banks fine with cakes. would be nice to have it eat at a range of hitpoints rather than below a threshold. Also with cakes it only eats one bite at a time where it should eat back up to a certain value to look a bit less bot like. Other than that its a great script
  6. Thanks, so far it runs really smooth, only once has it not gotten enough points. Will keep posted if any issues. Cheers
  7. Hi, somehow it managed to purchase twice. Could you possibly refund just one of them please? Would be much appreciated Thanks
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