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  1. I would suggest posting proof that the discord account you're speaking with is infact the user you're claiming scammed you. edit: just looked at the screen shots more carefully, apologies
  2. Jab

    Buying gold

    How much are you looking for?
  3. I've gotten around 15-20 accounts to 99 hunter with daxhunter, it's not the script thats forsure. Either your ip is flagged or you got reported.
  4. Selling to the same account multiple times would actually be safer than trading multiple accounts.
  5. Jab

    buying gold

    If you're paying via bitcoin, i can sell to you
  6. Jab

    Aagility issues

    If you have a problem with a script, please post here
  7. Has anyone had significant luck botting this? I feel like the ban rate is stupidly high
  8. Ive personally never had a problem trading money to my mules
  9. I mean it usually crashes around this time, then rises around christmas, then crashes again and rises again before summer lol
  10. Jab

    Thoughts on Mobile RS?

    I think it's going to bring a new revolution to botting with an increase of players.
  11. Jab

    Scammed by 'Jab'

    Can this be removed??? It's been over 2 months since this has happened.. Why is this still up? Is tribot's staff really this poor to leave this up?
  12. Jab

    Scammed by 'Jab'

    Due to mithrilman opening a case on pp, i went ahead and refunded the payment. Very sorry about this!
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