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Posts posted by Jab

  1. 2 hours ago, ToHoCo said:


    can i ask what happens from this point on?

    I would suggest posting proof that the discord account you're speaking with is infact the user you're claiming scammed you. 

    edit: just looked at the screen shots more carefully, apologies 

  2. 1 minute ago, fm0909 said:

    Red chins, always resetting the bot and trap placements. Even inserted my own clicks in there and would monitor the bot. I'm experienced with this shit. I remember when the first fkn bot came out lol. I only hunted about 700 red chins until I was banned. I did falconry to 70. It's a shame with these scripts - I feel like it's a monopoly situation. There's only one or two OK scripts for each skill I've found so far. I think the falconry was very buggy, it would click on trees occasionally and I even saw it bury a bone or two. There was no shift drop option, so thats very bot-like in itself with right click then scrolling to the "Drop" Option. I would figure bot makers would be extra secure and safe when they do this shit - especially with a skill like Hunter. Either way, I don't see how I could've been detected that quickly unless it had to do with the client - or this script is severely vulnerable. This account was the first one I made when I signed into RS on a shit desktop at the age of like 7. Either way, my fault for putting it at risk. But that still leads me to the question of how the fuck did that happen? 

    I've gotten around 15-20 accounts to 99 hunter with daxhunter, it's not the script thats forsure. Either your ip is flagged or you got reported.

  3. 11 minutes ago, fm0909 said:

    How in the fucking world is my 15 year old account banned after two days of botting? Botting was always done on my watch ( to ensure no errors, communication with people) AND under 6 hours. I only used the script DaxHunter.


    Is there any good scripts out there anymore? I remember I would bot accs to like fucking eight 99s with no problem. Or is it the client?


    Doesn't make any god damn sense. 

    What were you hunting?

  4. On 11/18/2017 at 4:38 PM, Fluffee said:

    @mithrilman I completely forgot this dispute was still open, is this resolved?

    Can this be removed??? It's been over 2 months since this has happened.. Why is this still up? Is tribot's staff really this poor to leave this up?

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