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  1. Around 500m left, come get it! Cheapest around!
  2. Jab

    Help please

    Try deleting and re downloading tribot.
  3. Yeah trilez needs to get some sleep
  4. Jab

    Response from Trilez

    Overall health > Tribot Glad to hear you're doing better @TRiLeZ and glad to hear tribot will be up and running in no time!
  5. Jab

    Big Questing Order

    Pm me a quote on these quests buddy
  6. Jab

    Big Questing Order

    You may have to get a a skill up a few levels. For example, 19-22 thieving. If that's the case, just let me know and we can discuss a price for any skilling involved. I'm 95% sure i have all stat reqs though
  7. Jab

    Big Questing Order

    F2p Quests Needed Black Knights' Fortress Ernest the chicken Goblin Diplomacy Imp Catcher The knight's sword Misthalin mystery Pirates treasure Sheep shearer Shield of arrav Witches potion P2p Quests needed Animal Magnetism Eadgars Ruse The Dig Site Death plateau Nature Spirit (partially done) FairyTale Part 1 Merlins Crystal Mountain Daughter Plaque City Recruitment Drive Jungle Potion Shilo Village Lost Tribe Monks friend Observatory Quest A souls bane Tai bwo wannai trio The tourist trap biohazard underground pass witch's house waterfall quest wanted troll stronghold troll romance tribal totem shades of morton holy grail murder mystery one small favour the hand in the sand the golem ghosts ahoy gertrude's cat icthlarin's little helper in aid of the myreque in search of the myreque horror from the deep fishing contest clock tower Message me prices and eta
  8. Jab

    Buying 250m OSRS

    Check out my thread also ill accept paypal if your pp account is verified
  9. VIP users and scripts most likely will be compensated for it... at least i hope so.
  10. Very happy with this script, thank you!
  11. Jab

    Thanks TRiBot #5

    That's awesome guys, glad to see you guys enjoying life due to tribot!
  12. Jab


    The script itself is suspended
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