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  1. Done Side note, every account I've used this script with gets locked due to suspecting it has been hacked. (I didnt train the magic I just bought accounts for cheap) I am able to change the password via email afterwards but it happens every 30 minutes to an hour of use which is really frustrating. It only happens with this script so Im not quite sure whats happening. Have tried accounts only using my home IP and account using SOCKS5 proxies but it happens either way. Going to hand train an account myself and see what happens.
  2. I have tried both with it close and with it far away like in your photo but it does it either way. Script works fine without moneybag on though.
  3. Yes thats while using the moneybag, thats the message in the gui next to the character name when it tries going off the map
  4. The script is $5 PER INSTANCE Vip allows you to run more than once instance at a time but you have to own more than once instance at a time. When you bought the script you bought 1 copy aka 1 instance. So you can run 1 bot at a time unless you buy more instances
  5. when it gets to house it tries to walk off the map, I have it setup like you do in the optimal settings. I have noticed it is caused by the script turning build mode on
  6. Hope things go well in your future brother, how does this effect Tribot X?
  7. https://community.tribot.org/announcement/75-purchased-scripts-not-showing-up-here-is-how-to-fix-it/
  8. any solid moneymakers for this atm??
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