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  1. 30-99 Mining without a hitch strictly MM, highly recommended script
  2. Well, as far as training both goes it's the most efficient however if focusing on either separately it's not the best. Similar to Barb fishing
  3. Thoughts on underwater agility course? Trains both agility and thieving essentially, or you could just do one or the other but I think the combo is most efficient conversion rate.
  4. Aight ill buy this tomorrow after work, need dem increased pet chances on the way to 99
  5. Fuck wish I would've seen this about 30 mins ago Next we need a Lovakengj favor farming script ?
  6. I dunno how y'all are having so many problems... used the script a few times over the past few days to get some stuff done and it's been steady 195-200k/hr with no problems whatsoever. Definitely not broken.
  7. No, tribot just did away with lifetime subs... Unfortunate I know but it keeps people from taking advantage of certain things and keeps user counts lower. I believe if you had lifetime you got 6 months or something like that but this change was a while ago. But the script is still running strong and I'm using it as we speak... 30-87 mining without a hitch, very worth it.
  8. ya dun goofed tbh, been using this client for a HOTTTTTT minute with well over 1B worth of shit overall, as I'm sure others have as well.
  9. Oof ZMI just what I've been waiting for I'm excited
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