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  1. definitely not betting crazy hours I'm going to do 2 hours here and there but lg won't hurt to have and they said 3rd party soft ware that isn't approved so obvious osbuddy is approved.
  2. I'm having problems I've tried a bunch of different jdk and none will work I'm using a mac does it work on mac
  3. that download is taking years to download
  4. i just purchased lg after getting banned and the ban says using 3rd party software as the evidence so I'm guessing using lg will stop them from seeing 3rd party but I'm not able to get lg to work keeps not being able to find client I'm trying osbuddy
  5. I'm trying to use osbuddy but says no client was found
  6. im so confused i can't find witch java to download for mac they all show windows and how do i switch over from 64 to 32 once i download
  7. I'm using a mac book pro will it work with apple products
  8. is there a guide how to set up lg i just purchased vip extended and I'm not sure what to do next
  9. was wondering if lg is still available bc i don't see it in the vip e list of things you get and if it is is it worth buy-in it to lower ban rate
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