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  1. I’ve decided to sell 07 gold, I currently stumbled upon a good way to make gold and no bans on either of my accounts.. If anyone is in need of 07 gold feel free to message me or join my discord https://discord.gg/6Dv8Way .. This isn’t just a normal gold selling service, this is also a community, feel free to stop by
  2. Looking for anyone who can make a custom signature professionally ! Feel free to PM me
  3. Can an admin delete this?? Not letting me for some odd reason?? Thanks Apologies
  4. Shit seriously wrong forum lmao my bad deleting now
  5. Looking to buy 99 Thieving Accounts, feel free to PM. All I care about is the 99 thieving other stats are irrelevant. Thank you
  6. I always tend to do 1-5 (man), 5-20(Cake Stall), 20-25(Silk), 25-90(Fruit Stall), 90-99(ardy knight). always end up with raccoon by 70ish thieving as well..
  7. Longest was my main 9 99’s .. a little over a year and half then got a 2 day ban
  8. Doesn’t guarantee you they are hand trained though.
  9. Why buy them when it literally takes like 5 minutes to complete.. Create 10 accounts login into all them and complete them at the same time.
  10. I bot 10-15 hours at Master Farmers and no ban I think he’s just unlucky. What’s the avg GP/hr for this script on MF? @Laniax
  11. As the title states, I am offering Range Guild Services, I will handtrain any account needed to whatever desired level. PM me for more info
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