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  1. Dang you me off and ruined my day! how will i ever be able to make money again!?!!??
  2. can you add the option to have the bot return to its exact starting square. Another problem im having is the bot cant right click for some reason.
  3. so im going to assume its actually safe to use this script and the people who get these "bans" probably use proxies?
  4. he probably wont let us test anything because he is god and knows everything about staking.
  5. we want him to fiix the problem where the bot doesnt accept duels and just stands there half the time when a duel is accepted first!
  6. I know for a fact that everyone would help you on a staker because you are actually nice to your customers and update your scripts when bugs are reported.
  7. tex can you please take over assumes staker?? He doesn't do anything to improve the script at all and we really need some such as yourself to help his customers!
  8. hahahahaha you should just had this script over to texan if your not going to do anything to improve the script. And notice how he doesn't even mention anything about the bugs we post.
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