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  1. Yeah I know, I sold my bank yesterday and cashed out. I'm done for a while, who knows if I'll bot again. The addiction has died down for me, now I'm just modding my car
  2. Yeah, I'm not starting over. I will however post my tactics and techniques I used on my journey some day. Idk when I will, but we'll see. It was a good run
  3. I wasn't referring the amount, I was referring to the kc without a pet.
  4. Received a 2 day ban today, Might have been a wave. Going to be taking it slow now. They got me boys. 1908 Total. Was doing zulrah overnight. Woke up, Stopped the bot, took a shower, logged in to see my loot and was banned lol.
  5. https://gyazo.com/9603e343059568d8afe0ef6004ad7584 No pet. Can anyone top this?
  6. Try deleting your hooks.dat file and restarting the client. Usually fixes it, there was an issue with the client not the script that was causing this.
  7. For this script mage only works pretty good. But your best gear set up for mage/range switch will work.
  8. @Worthy Is a god my friend. Put some RESPEK on his name
  9. Ay, I was the first one tagged. Feelsgoodman
  10. Oh yeah for sure, I personally use the Mage only method. Messing around with settings to make it unique is def 1 part. Personally, I recommend using proxies if gold farming. I personally don't since it's the only account I have currently, and my botting strats have been working pretty well so far.
  11. Yeah man no doubt. Ima make some more cash so I can just buy all the supplies. Thanks
  12. Hey. any idea why my sig is unaccurate? I have over 3k kills lol.
  13. Hey man, thinking of getting smith now, what bars did you use? Or did you progress as you leveled? @gyrate
  14. It's incredible. The amount of detail and effort put into that script is insane. Highly recommend. edit: have over 3k kills, and over 300m made. Rip my inaccurate sig.
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