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  1. Because the trial system was just implemented? And the reason "I don't like it" is not a valid reason for a refund. OT: Might try an account or two for this method,
  2. Go and ask them then.. Why would we know? It's also not wise to bot on your main ip ^^
  3. Zumzod


    Sorry no. It's not tribot faults you got banned, it's your fault. When you start botting you agree to the risk of getting banned since it's against the rules. There are a lot of different ways to lessen the risk of getting banned so it would be wise to browse through the site and try to pick up as many tips as possible before trying again.
  4. I'm not experiencing that issue. I get about 2600runes/hr atm and can go on for 2+hrs if I'd like to
  5. They need to add that manually so pm them or something
  6. Didn't watch the stream but I got one acc banned tonight and might have been from them. Nothing big though edit: Mine got hit after the stream
  7. You get a free Pouch receiver script with this. Check the first page.
  8. Then assign it to somebody else. Tbh I think it's very easy to spot a legit goldfarming method and what is not. The problem is that everyone always exaggerate the profit/hr by A LOT... hence the disappointment.
  9. I'm really irritated that I get stuck in varrock basement all the time so now I'm afraid to run the script for a longer time. Is there any way you could fix this?
  10. That does not solve the problem. I bought that guide and I am highly unsatisfied... I'm really considering claiming a refund for a part of the money I paid... Selling moneymaking method should be fine if they are verified by an moderator that know what he/she is doing... (looking at @YoHoJo )..
  11. I was allowed to read through the whole chat and from what I saw this is straight up scamming. You sold him a completely different method than was advertised.
  12. I already thought that merching guides weren't allowed to be sold. But I agree that merching is not an money making method and the misleading in the chat is not ok. But I'm not a mod and haven't seen the chat so can't really have an definitive opinion except that merching items is not an method....
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