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  1. starfox i've posted a reply on your sigma magic thread could you pleae consider it ?

    It;s about flax make lunar spell addon 

  2. starfox i bought this while i thought it would have spin flax the lunar spell but it doesnt could you please add this? i can give you an account to use if needed please
  3. cant seem to get it to work with looking glas, im doing the exact same thing you're doing in tut lol idk whats wrong
  4. 1euro/m pm me ur skype, will go first if trusted else we will use an MM
  5. For some reason it wont stand stil if i set a tile at sand crabs it looks like the tile thing is bugged because everytime i try to set a tile nothing happens and qwhen i start the bot it runs east all the way and repeats that. do you maybe know whats wrong?
  6. since this morning after the update none of my scripts seem to work and haven;t seen any post so i figure maybe there's something wrong with just me? Could anyone please help me e/my problem is simply the the bots i try to use (i tried 4) just all wont work im using looking glass just like i use normally.
  7. ty for this very usefull
  8. leave ur skype i need asap
  9. Really nice script but found some small bugs could you please acept my skype request? i can let you use my account -When i chose 'pick item up over value' it will pick up the bones no matther what value i set it. (biggest issue) -It doesn't take more then 5 food out of the bank.(salmon) -maybe add so it can use potions
  10. Hey usa. since you might have missed my skype message i've sent to you ill post on here also, i have contacted you about your tablet maker a while back and you fixed the issue it had so i bought it but after like 2-3 days of using your flawless script it happened again. my char seems to click on run instead of call butler could you please fix this since i cant use your script :/
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