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  1. Hey, I bought 6 of this script in the summer of 2013' I forgot most of the logins, but I roughly remember the names? Do you think I could get em back, I paid 20$ each for them. Names I remember - manbearcat vivalabwuk imacatlol and other similar to those? Is there any way that I could get those back? I wish I had them written down.
  2. Not sure if it's worth using my 6 auths anymore, it seems that the accounts get banned before i can even pay for the membership lol =[ I always delete my jagex cache and change my ip after a ban, and was doing it pretty often before the ban waves started coming as well. But they just seem to catch abyss botters so quick now.
  3. Yes I've also been banned after login. Clearly lists of bots are being compiled and mass bans are handed on login.
  4. You gotta restart script I believe for new names to be black listed.
  5. yep. Oh well it was good while it lasted. I'll finish remaking the 3 i was remaking, and one of my accounts was only 2 day'd, and maybe i'll try again in a week if the ban hammer seems to stop but, there goes my 6 account nat farm that was almost at 91 rc and would have made sooo much money =[
  6. I think jagex really does have macro detection now =[ That's the only thing that would explain me logging out at 4am, then logging in at 9am and getting insta-ban hammered 10 seconds later.
  7. Well superbuster, i can definitely verify to you that 3 of my accounts got banned, and then after taking a 2 day break on my other 3, within 12 hours another 2 of those got banned, making 5 accounts of mine banned within 3 days. Honestly quit acting as if you freaking know everything kid, i've never had a ban in my life, apart from some idiotic wc bans months ago, and just this past week i got hit incredibly hard, and i delete my jagex cache daily + change my ip every few days. edit:roflll my 6th and final rc'er just got banned on log in! RIP dude, fml. That is ALL 6 of my accounts within 4 days lmao. The bot had run out of tabs around 4 am and logged out. I logged in at 9am and got dc'd within 10 seconds as i was about to transfer the nats off, I'm done.
  8. ^ okay did you not just see USA post, telling people to stop spamming the thread.
  9. 2 more banned. That makes 5 in the past 4 days. FML. Both hit dc'd at the same time according to the client, which is exactly how the last 3 got banned. But once again, my account with no offences just got a 2 day man, and the other that already had a bot bust ban got permed. It says "macro'ing major ban" on the perm banned accounts, yet bot-busting on the non-perm banned account. I'm assuming that lists of players are gathered by some phaggot player and submited to mods who then hit the hammer on a list of players all at once. That or the mods themselves compile a list, and then hit the hammer all at once.
  10. With 70 agility and mining, 1200 is pretty normal with med large and giant pouch. Especially now that the rift issue is fixed.
  11. happening to me as well. The auto came up after about 45 seconds though, and after entering in my information, it took about another 45 seconds for the script thing to pop up where i edit the prices etc. And then another 30 seconds or so to start, but it eventually does.
  12. Unless you are an idiot you will never be hacked. And even if you are, it will likely be a rat where they will see your pin lol. I'm done.
  13. Yea , that is great and all if you are just trying to make cash for your main. But in the grand scheme, it would be useless to only bot 5 hours a day if you are making money from your gold.
  14. still a little sad 3 of my accs, 87 rc, 87 rc, and 89 rc got banned so close to 91 =[ Just botting a week with them at 91 rc would have made almost 400$ xd, but oh well. 3 new accounts already being made with supplies for 44 rc, armour and weapons for 40-50-60, 50 range, 60 mining, 60 agility, and 47 construction already on them all. Shouldn't take more then 5 days to make or so. Giving my other 3 with 88 rc, 86 rc, and 86 rc a break for a few days, so the script not working after the update actual works out well for me. xd Praying they make it to 91 rc.
  15. 200k/h is good under 91 rc. The profit sky rockets at 91 because the double nature rune is pure profit.
  16. Taking a 1 day break, then making 3 new accs to replace the banned ones It's sorta a good thing, 2 of em already had bans from woodcut botting and went 1-87 rc without a ban. If not for the previous 2 day bans they wud likely have made it to 91 once unbanned, but yea they are permed but atleast the new accs will be fresh slates with no prior bans. 3rd acc that got 2 day'd was my main so I'm not risking a perm even tho its 89 rc
  17. 3 accounts banned. 2 of them had previous bot bust bans, and they both got permed. 1 had no previous offences, and got a 1 day ban. edit: clearly mods are out at the abyss atm so i'd stop botting at the moment, like 20+ accounts appear to have been banned in this thread in the past few hours.
  18. Likely an issue with a script ATM causing you to stop at the bank for a minute or more every few runs. You are using pouches right?
  19. It is to avoid being tele-blocked, if a new pker that isn't on the black-list comes along. The tb will usually splash with black d-hide on because pures have shet mage bonus, and then ur character wud emergency teleport away. Before the black list , black d hide was key to not dieing often, as you would deal with pkers 20x more often.
  20. Scripts being working pretty flawlessly lately =] Only issues atm are, and i believe they are caused by lag, but unfortunately such is the nature of old school runescape servers, as they lag all the time - 1. Gets stuck at ditch with only a half full invy of ess, which appears to be the result of filling pouches, attempting to bank and get more essence, *lag spike here*, moves on to ditch without full invy of essence, then gets stuck trying to go back to the bank. If you could add a fail-safe path back to the bank in this scenario, that would be amazing. 2. Occasionally, also attributed to lag, ends up in the air alter/other rc'ing alters, and gets stuck. Again, a fail-safe where you use your teleport in this scenario would be great. 3. Fails a random and gets stuck in lumby basement or the wizards tower after getting tellied by the random. Again, a fail-safe where you use your teleport in this scenario would be amazing. Other then that, i've had basically no other issues, so thanks a lot USA =] love you. nh
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