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  1. [20:52:02] Failed to lay trap. If we DID laid a trap but FAILED to detect it, please restart the client. Geint that error everytime i try to luanch it, havent been able to chins in the past 3 days. it dont matter fi i restart client, i mby does like 10 traps then its geting that error code runing around doing nothing more then looking like a broken bot.
  2. spaxxii

    Buying osrs gold.

    that rule should be changed, you can just kinda spam things with dumb comments then. and why can u do other trades without having 100 post counts then? feels a bit wierd
  3. yea you gave me that advice last time also, trust me i tried it severaltimes alrdy, it also wont let me save any profiles. is it a possibility if im runing 32/64bit? also witch java im using?
  4. i honestly cant get this to work what so ever Might be a long shot, but could someone make a save for chaos druids in edg? banking with looting these items. Food setup 20x trouts Items to loot below Ranarr Lantadyme Dwarf Weed Kwuarm Avantoe Law and Nature rune i just cant get it to work >.< no matter what i do i get this error code : [11:04:47] Response: UNWALKABLE [Position[-4, -15, 0] is an unwalkable tile.]
  5. mby i should try to learn java, i had that idea in my backhead every once and then, tho i dont know anything about anything so may take a while
  6. try with the normal osrs client and see if you have the same problem, if you get same error the logical thing is that the problem comes from you tribot/java if it works with the normal osrs client. otherwise, try to remove all java related files. i have dont rly have any knowledge about this, but who knows, mby my tip will help
  7. On most botting sites, more or less 95% of free scripts are shit ( number was just made up in my head not a real fact. ) there are some working ones, but in the run, the paid ones are worth it.
  8. Maybe delete tribot root folder would work? dont have alot of knowledge about this, but its allways worth a shot
  9. I know there is many pinned guides, but im sure these guides dont hold everything there is to learn, so im making this thread to get some move advice from people, is there somethings you wish you knew when you started to bot that is one of your keys to botting now? and i dont ask for any secrets or anything that you ofc dont wanna share, i ment more like use proxys, to lower chain bans, stop bot for a while, bot difrent things etc.
  10. trying this bot right now on 5 accounts, what i noticed it that it sometimes takes up tuna when other ppl dropped it and keeps it in bag untill you manualy drops it. Edit : when the bot hits level 20 and trying to get back to lumb to fish, how about making it hometelle insted? bcus its geting stuck at the sailor trying to quick pay its way back to port sarim.
  11. Well im doing 5-10 accounts by my hans at a time in about 15min while creating em trough proxy, and completing tut island with proxy, not much els i can come up with to give me a start with the goldfarm i wanna creat but thanks for the advices
  12. Might add that im not botting tutorial island, doing em manualy on all accounts and leting em rest at least 2-4 days before im starting to bot on them
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