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  1. I did this for a while guys and i made good money. I have very little to say... Get caught botting multiple times and you are screwed. You CANNOT prevent getting caught, its all just a matter of time. In my case it was about 2-3 months of botting on a large scale for profit. Once you are marked, its OVER. You can dump money into VPS's, Proxy's, spoofers, VPN's and try combinations of all at the same time. All in all you will see yourself getting screwed over and over and your profits will turn into losses. The only way to start over is to get a new computer, move and get a new internet provider. Might get away with just getting a new internet provider. Just move on. This game was my first botting experience and i learned so much, its just unbelievable. It led me to places i didn't expect to be and jump started a lot of things for me. Make the best of it while you can, think BIG and most importantly always think ahead.
  2. No, NEVER. This game has been sucked dry so hard it not even funny.
  3. ILL

    Computer Science

    Personally i consider someone making enough to support a family without a worry successful. Super awesome that such a successful script writer is self taught.
  4. ILL

    Computer Science

    You are 23! That's NUTS. Is your only source of income here at Tribot or do you have any other cool things you are a part of you wouldn't mind gloating about? @cbtexan04
  5. ILL

    Computer Science

    Hey guys, have been away for a little while. Moved on to bigger and better things for me. Anyways i still come by and lurk a bit when I am bored. I am posting this thread because i actually wanted to a really long time ago but never did. Who on this forum is currently in college or a University pursuing a Computer Science degree? Who is actually a self taught SUCCESSFUL computer scientist that is currently working from home right now, and share your field, favorite language, and what motivated you? Who has graduated with an associates+ degree in Computer Science and is either currently working for someone or is working from home? GO! =D
  6. ILL

    Selling 337k eggs.

    Surprised you only got 338k with 100 accounts.
  7. ILL

    Jagex Nuke ban

    Lol, love seeing threads like this. A good laugh never hurts.
  8. 4.4k/hr? wut? Most i ever got was 3700 and that was for an hour. No super energy is about 3.1k max. Gratz, sell when you reach 99. Iost my 16mil top 32 account the other week.
  9. ILL

    Inactive accounts

    Are these accounts subscribed? They need to be members to use OSRS hiscores.
  10. ILL

    Ip flagged

    Anybody with a profitable role for tribot like proxy sellers, scripters are all pretty much invincible... Jus' sayin. EDIT: And yes it is most def considered SPAM.
  11. ILL

    suicide botting

    I just did the same thing with a 99 RC account. It is now gone. Once you get a 2 day your are flagged and if you keep botting then you will be permed the next day they wave.
  12. New PSU. Went through the same thing not that long ago with a new build. Really got to calculate your energy usage before buying an PSU. Just get a new one that suits your build and cross your fingers that it didn't ruin your mobo or other parts.
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