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  1. As of today my scripts are not capable of receiving messages using MessageListening07. Can still see the messages in the bot debug though. I did not change anything in the meantime. Any ideas?
  2. Just realized that the script stops when it tries to make an account with an e-mail that's already in use. Stopped with 2/4 accounts made. [09:29:32] Starting Tutorial Island on "XXXXX" (Account 2 of 4). [09:29:32] Generated random profile. [09:49:36] "XXXXX" has completed Tutorial Island in 00:20:55. [09:51:58] Display "XXXXXXXXX" is not available. [09:52:32] Email "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" is in use. [09:52:33] Sent session data! [09:52:38] Script Ended: USA Tutorial Island.
  3. Working almost perfectly for me now, only thing is that if the e-mails generated on acc creation are too long it will not increase the size of the e-mail field but rather write the excess characters into the next account's e-mail field. Great work!
  4. Will check later on. Sounds like it's back to the old bug which occured before last update
  5. Probably has something to do with acc creation then.
  6. Can't confirm this. Still stuck at 20+ minutes... Did you run one or multiple accounts in a row? Did you use LG? Were they premade or did you create them using the script?
  7. I mean the 3$ difference to VIP-E. Just buy it and you will make it back in no time given you have stamina to push through till you are profitable. Think about it that way and you are one step ahead already.
  8. If you are even thinking about investing an additional 3$ into your gold farm I can tell you are not very convinced that you will make money off of this. And if you aren't convinced it is highly unlikely that you will make it.
  9. Red cursor not following the mouse when multiple clients are open. Only works in the last one opened. Hopefully just a visual bug.
  10. Can confirm this from before the last update. Since last update it completely freezes for me right after choosing the characters appearance. Timer also freezes and refreshes about every 30 seconds. Bot doesn't do anything in the meantime. I can take a video of it if it helps. Happens 100% of the time for me. Deleted and redownloaded jar, deleted hooks. Didn't help. Any ideas?
  11. Could you please explain how to use the debug drawing in more detail? Even the method you put in the readme is not accurate.
  12. It is a p2p script. In my f2p scripts I don't care about bans, I just calculate them in so I almost never lose anything. Paths are randomized and I have dynamic sleeps with lots of factors affecting them. I'm starting to think that I got a bug in there that just screams bot and I just haven't noticed because it's rare enough. Guess I'll have to watch the bot running for another while *sigh* @orange451 Thanks for putting this out man. But since you didn't bot straight for gp after doing quests the banrate would probably be quite different for me. Definitely useful data though.
  13. Thanks a lot for the input! Do you use the ABC2 reaction times/response time tracker for pretty much all the sleeps you take? I just use it very scarcely as my script does not need to wait for anything to spawn, etc. The questing sounds very interesting, will be checking that out. Are you willing to share how long the bot ran per day and how long it lasted until you started making them do quests? I get it if you aren't though.
  14. I know this is an old thread, but have you checked that you actually imported "org.tribot.api2007.Banking" and not "org.tribot.api.rs3.Banking"? Something like this has driven me insane before.
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