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  1. message me i can sell 125M rob.wilson1996 on skype
  2. thanks it owes me 0 money i botted the wc and planks on my skiller acc so just monitoring this one while pming mates in game and doing other stuff too
  3. nice mate ive used this today for around 2 hours and im 60 construction now thanks butler works great too going to run it to 99 got 60k oak planks not sure how many it needs for 99
  4. Hey this script was released by a user on here credits at bottom i have edited this script to support more options! and also taking more requests! improved randoms and stability! will update thread more after with some pics also looking for testers! ( EDIT - WILL UPDATE THREAD ONCE I CAN GET MORE TESTING DONE AND APPROVED ON REPOSITORY) hope its aloud thanks! Credits to this user
  5. yeah i found out yesterday
  6. i have a script i re wrote off a user on here which was a free source download and re wrote it if you pm what your after i can do it and send a video of it then upload it to the script panel i would need to contact the other user to make sure hes happy first edit- im not aloud to charge according to rules but ill be willing to do one so you can use it and test for me.
  7. using this atm good work running ok for now will update @c#2Bot Only script thats free for pest control that does as its ment to! thanks bro!
  8. hey what do you mean by that? i have credits and also i don't mind using a middle man or going first to trusted users
  9. add my skype rob.wilson1996 or pm skepta7 on osrs im watching my acc bot so ill see pm
  10. title says it all skype rob.wilson1996
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