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  1. bank it. you should read the main post of the script you're using/thinking about buying
  2. did u expect one or something? botting = risk = ban is your fault
  3. how did u get ur book of darkness no swap to look like an arcane? sick job keeping that account going in all seriousness though
  4. I think he means me don't worry lol. Do you use serp or anti-venoms? If the latter you may have ran out at a bad time and died on the way to bank/clan wars portal nice proggies worthy, I had a decent one few days ago since I have proper settings ..just goes to hell eventually edit: @pjd410 this is one of the better ones from recently, somewhat frequent breaks
  5. @ your second point, I asked months ago with data back then also. @ tanking question wear ahrims+arma or karils if you aren't already. @Worthy the other gifs he posted having to do with the one I'm talking about - the blue one in middle there is doing the same clouds locations -> attack time which are unique to the one I'm trying to tell you about. He previously stated when it happened in the pattern which also matches. not trying to be dramatic but you keep trying to say it's just me and their issue can't be that when I'm explaining how it is the same thing. not lag. i have 7k+ legit zulrah kills on my main, I'm aware other blues spawn in middle and all that lol, but I also know this isn't one of them. hopefully this is less flamey
  6. @Worthy you're being ridiculous, the phase being random is NOT random order.. It's random whether or not you will get the optional blue phase in the center (happens at the same exact time every time it happens - for everyone that makes it that far in a kill) @dragenbrage posted a gif of it, I gave you a video of it with the entire kill showing you the time it happens AND the pattern order. It is the same exact order everyyy time. @Appie20 says he is also getting this same thing, that's because it is an actual pattern - the only random part of it is whether or not you will get that extra blue in the center (AT THE SAME TIME EVERY TIME NOT RANDOM TIMES/PLACES) My internet isn't spiking/lagging right at this part of the same exact pattern every damn time, nor is this the case for others telling you about it. You continually just tell anyone who sees it they are a liar, but you have video proof of it.. Again. All of the above is evidence of my previous statement - you're ignoring and denying instead of fixing.
  7. Well, it's def not my internet So rs glitches must happen a lot once it reaches time for the random phases.. lol
  8. His first gif isn't the phase you fixed or the one i sent you a video of.. Clearly your failsafe doesn't work for it His second gif is the same one you have a video from me on, and it IS a script problem for sure.. It has been a problem since the first time I sent a video of it to you in October. It's incredibly frustrating trying to get it fixed when you completely ignore and deny the problems by pointing to people not having them (because they kill fast enough to not see them).. I had this script before the random phases were added and it was great. Now all the sudden we have them and it's screwing up right when they occur, how odddd! tl;dr quit denying it and just work on it man
  9. I'm aware of your combat 87 lol, it's on the last few pages .. Combat level doesn't affect kill speed, your 91 mage helps a lot there
  10. They are random phases and yes they are a script problem. I haven't seen the one in first gif but it's very obvious that a range phase is throwing out mage from the middle spawn in the gif lol. This IS NOT a normal phase on any of the rotations - it is an optional one that occurs during a long (3.5~mins +) kill The second gif is the same thing I sent worthy a full video of a few days ago, it is an optional phase thrown into the pattern on long (3.5~mins +) kills as well. It is also more common than believed to be .. I got it a lot of times myself, 3-4 in the just hour or so when I recorded for him. Two ways to solve this: 1: Find them all so they can be fixed - get on video from the start of a kill and send to worthy 2: Make the min reqs to run the script higher so nobody kills slow enough to ever see them >.>
  11. Until it's made and word gets out. Then people will be pking there a LOT for easy bot killing profits
  12. this is correct. i sent worthy a vid of the phase it happens on
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