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  1. To the people who have made at least 500k/hr using this script. Which style have you noticed is most profitable? A: small amounts (100k-1m) with a lot of stakes B: medium amounts (1m-10m) with fewer stakes C: large amounts (10m+) with fewest stakes Thanks just wondering
  2. [01:58:52] The script's painting method has caused the client to freeze. Attempting to recover. Has anyone else gotten this message after preload and had their bot still work? is the paint setting in tribot a fix for this?
  3. is the problem with bot always saying someones in challenge fixed with the new update?
  4. When I start script I cannot click the 'logs' button. With or without preload. I have gone to roaming and deleted assume staker files
  5. The bot doesn't recognize a challenge in the logs even if someone challenges me i.e. http://imgur.com/XCopHEG also here is the debug http://imgur.com/EF7O3KX
  6. I took out 100K before starting the script and it ran flawlessly for 18 hours straight.
  7. http://imgur.com/S9MHdWd I don't know what i'm doing wrong I can't seem to make any money off of this since winning 20M.
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