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  1. Botted this with a 3 year old account that has never been banned before. As you can see with my signature this is how far i got before getting Perm banned. Not even a 2 day straight perm ban. Botted in 2k total worlds also. Good fight was fun
  2. Do you have discord? Going to start trial now and if all goes well i will buy. just wanna add you incase i get in trouble seting up. ty
  3. 22Savage

    Selling OG RSN

    Selling og RSN. You will be given full access to the account and swap it whenever you want. I won't need the account back. Put on a fresh account. Hint: You can either Accept or Decline a trade. Accepting BTC and 07 gp. Will use a middleman you cover fee's. I had multiple offers but their all MIA. BIN: 80 C/O:
  4. 22Savage

    Expired ban?

    I feel like my question still hasn't been answered lol.
  5. 22Savage

    Expired ban?

    Question and feedback from you guys. If an account has a previous ban that gets expired, in my case - I had a 2 day ban on my account, and just a few days ago the ban became expired, so now my account has basically no offences anymore - ban meter all the way down again. So, will my next offence be another 2 day? Or will it go straight to perm? I know if you get a 2 day, the next one will automatically be perm but what if the 2 day expires? Like to see what everyone thinks and what everyone's experience has been with this. Thanks
  6. Can someone help me figure out why when im done with gui and start the script it just sits there doing nothing? what am i doing wrong? i tried clicking start script and al start?
  7. Interested in buying this, i don't expect anyone to tell me the items they merch. But any tips on what items to use guys? Can i start the script with a random item selected and make money? or do i have to in depth an item a couple times everyday?
  8. Im trying to bot my account using a premium script i purchased, i only have 1 client open and im only botting one account with a premium script and im getting this error message? I've tried resetting computer re-downloading and everything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  9. Lol is that actually the only way?
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