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  1. Can you add blowpipe support so it logs off or recharges blowpipe when its empty? just sat in nmz for hours doing no damage
  2. Was working great until last update. Love this script and wondering if it will be fixed
  3. WC Guild and Tithe Farming for sure!
  4. sawgeh

    fight cave

    hard to make
  5. Oak planks are probably 500k/hr but the place is loaded with like 8 yew trees 10 squares from the bank and magic trees less than 20 squares
  6. Please do what do you mean by sort abc2 for more protection?
  7. The Woodcutting guild is easily the most profitable woodcutting available with the closest banks, +7 invisible wc boost and a sawmill. Many of us would pay good money for a script that supports the guild
  8. sawgeh

    Tithe farming minigame

    I would drop mad cash for this script! Support!
  9. I can't find out how much a single credit costs and I have to purchase a minimum of 5 I just want a month of VIP. Let me pay $6.50 not this stupid credit nonsense How much does one credit equal?? Also why does it require me to list my address for a purchase
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