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  1. Yea that script is pretty legit and seems to have it all handled. Thanks bro.
  2. Hi, So I just got a vps and also got tau grand exchange script. I need literally no human interference for it to make me money, at least it seems that way so far. I was hoping to just let it run for weeks and have it work like from 5pm-10pm with random little 5 min breaks every hour then big break from 10pm-3pm the next day (to simulate sleeping and going to school.) Then back at it from 3pm to 10pm with short breaks. Is this possible with options in the bot or is a script necessary. Also are these hours good? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. Yes I am. That must be it. Ok I sent a ticket in. Thanks a lot bro.
  4. From virmach I recieved an ip a username and a password so I'm not sure lol I enter all 3 on proxy window on tribot.
  5. Hi, I know this probably isn't your guys problem and it is on Virmach's end but I was hoping maybe somebody had a solution for me. I have proxies I use on my home computer that work fine on tribot. I got a vps to not use my own computer resources on bots and to be able to have more bots and view them and control them remotely. I type in my login details on tribot on the vps desktop viewer and I can login but when I enter my proxies I can't log in to any of them. It simply says "could not connect to the specified proxy." I checked my spelling 10 times. I even copy and pasted on the vps my password details for the proxy to make sure it is not a human error. I restarted the proxy. Same error. Can anyone help me?
  6. I'm not that good with bots yet but from my merching experience I'd say with a stack like that you can go with much more expensive items for bigger margins. I see a lot of the rich merchers go with more expensive items too.
  7. I just got this last night with and left it on overnight (US time) and got 500k. Not too shabby but is this bad for a 31.8m stack starting? My list is probably crap. I gotta look into items to sell more. Would changing the parameters help? I set it all to AI. Looking forward to how it does today after work during what I think is peak US time. Will report back.
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