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  1. 50M needed will pay £50 .. UK bank transfer straight into your bank only UK sellers will go first to trusted members if not MM will be used thanks

    Buying 20M

    Hi there i need 50M can you do £50?

    Buying 20M

    buying 20M paypal, uk bank transfer, ect can go first to trusted members if you ain't trusted then MM will be paid for.
  4. Explain how you have been banned? Ive been using this script for the past 3 days on my main doing 6-10 hour booting... ive gone from 20 fishing to 60 fishing fishing at catherby lobbys today ive been using the bot for 10 hours so far?? your doing something wrong maybe using it on a very low level that people report as a bot
  5. I know the feeling! today just lost dh, ags, fury, d boots due to lag pc disconnected itself so i had 35M left in bank thought lets stake re gain the money i jusg lost due to disconnect nope lost it all now currently 0 hp just a whip and runes and pots and other shit! im yolo botting fishing as we speak if account gets banned fuck it ha
  6. Mateeee ive just been cleaned 320m nothing in my bank currently yolo botting right now fishing gonna bot the fuck out my account if gets banned oh well just them bots are good man haha my friends got one
  7. Were can i buy a staking bot from! I'm sick to death of losing to them willing pay alot of money if it's good!
  8. Ok no problem i'm going to go VIP so i can bot it more i did 2 hours last night was pritty good ... only downfall i got a random and it started harpoonin the floor haha
  9. nice bot but once i put on the setting to bank ie i'm using harpoon or lobster pot goes all crazy takes me somewere else were i cannot fish but when i click drop it fishs there ?? i'm in catherby
  10. I bought 100m last night via bank transfer on sythe if you know it?? I ain't a scammer just like playing runescape in my own time and didn't know price of gold to be fair my UK ebay accounts got 600 feedback if i show you youll sell ive been paying 40m to 40 pounds all time
  11. Try find me a UK seller that takes UKBT ?? you have go through there full site that's not verified by google to do payment and wouldn't put my bank details on sites like that i can give ID driving license ect meet IRL the lot i'm 32 years of age bud not some 12 year old runescape scammer... I just like staking and pking
  12. Seems fishy? I pay £1 per million on ebay i can give you my ebay name photo ID i'm also a member on sythe with vouches for 100m trades ... so yep fishy just cause ive only just made a tribot account doesn't make me a scammer ask chloe and other members who know me
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