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  1. How have the bans been recently? Haven't used the product in about 6 months since i caught a 2 day. I saw some new features for acc safety have been added. Does LG lag still cause issues with superiors?
  2. Purchased. Filled out the GUI. Started acc at GE with cash in the bank. Script did the quest and is now running through the garden flawlessly. Another work of art.
  3. Gui just loads a giant white screen I must be doing something wrong
  4. Started in Rimmington with all supplies and let the script run. Its a thing of beauty! Great work
  5. Hey Ark, I thought I had read somewhere earlier on that you had made some changes to prayer and that you were thinking of the best way to work it into the GUI? I just got an SGS and now have more prayer points than I know what to do with. Do you have any updates/insight on that development?
  6. Does not do rune dragons. The guide has a full list of farmable monsters. Kurasks I was averaging $500k an hour in bandos, torture, prims with slayer ring. Gargs closer to 600k. Abby demons could be higher if you get lucky with whips but I think Gargs are still king. On another note - holy crap killing garg superiors with the lag from looking glass is such a shit show. Not the bots fault, I actually paused and tried to do by hand and it was awful. As a check - ran the script in advanced mode and in three garg superiors I got hit with the balls one or 2 times each kill which
  7. If I already have OpenOSRS on my desktop from personal use, and I download a new client it turns on all of my existing plugins which may interfere with the script. Is there a way to keep them separate?
  8. I remember reading about this in the past, but curious if there is a way to set bot parameters to not bring a rock hammer if we have garg smasher selected? Also are brittle keys on the loot list? Haven't got one in 2 tasks so not sure if Im going DRY or if they aren't being picked up. Anways great work as always. Catacombs going to be such a game changer.
  9. Anytime you click "go" you are risking your account when using 3rd party scripts/macros/plugins what have you. I can say with confidence that this script is one of the lowest risk things you can use. The sheer diversity of tasks, the world hopper, the breaks and anti ban measures.. It's as good as it gets and I've used hundreds of different things over the years.
  10. Ooof in golf farm mode caught the script stuck when it teleports to Ferox Enclave and mouse hovers at the top of the screen forever looking for bank. Will try and get screenshot next time
  11. That would be tough, have you tried saving separate profiles and loading them for diff accounts? On a side note I just hit 70 range from 1 just from cannoning tasks. Pretty crazy
  12. +1 on on rune pouch for holding alch runes. I've been testing the free farm option now that my layer level is in the 70's and wonder if Guthan's support would ever be considered. I know the script does not support degradable items but just thinking of ways to last longer. Wish there wasn't a 75 craft req for slayer rings..
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