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  1. Need to use this for prospector. Any tips for settings at motherload?
  2. Hows the script running these days? Want to rush 87-90 slayer lol
  3. I had a dream last night that this script did Vorkath for blue drags tasks. Haha what a dream
  4. Just wanted to check in and reiterate my support for Marcus and his development efforts with this script. I received a 2 day ban on my max main using this (only script I ran on the account). His point is that your decision should be binary - to bot or not to bot. if you decide to bot this script is a safe choice because it has more antiban than most. The satisfaction you get watching the script crushing tasks and seeing the points pile up is a feeling I hope everyone here gets to experience. I will continue to monitor development closely and look forward to using the script on other accounts in the future.
  5. Wow brutal black dragons look mint. I have a question about rune dragons set up. I selected dig site pendant to get to the spot and house teleport to get home. What are other people using to get this to work? I guess if ornate pool + castle wars tele from jewelry box isn't supported yet than I need to pick a different 1 click tele. Any suggestions? Also, looting is funky, if you keep auto retaliate on then its hard to loot dragons because you are constantly in combat, if you turn it off and the script needs to world hop it stands there getting hit. Any advice appreciated. Also is it possible to use digsite pendants with different amount of charges?
  6. Marcus could you share with us what the script checks to decide where to go for troll tasks? My account has all quests done and it's choosing to fight the trolls in some narrow cave tunnel spot. I want to go to Jatizso
  7. I've been working from home since March so i get to babysit my bots. Here are some of my notes that I've written down recently: 1. Salve Amulet (E) - Script should equip this over black mask/slayer helm for Ankus + Abhorrent Spectres 2. V's shield for baslicks, baslicks knights, cockatrice. Script can check if you have one in the bank. (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/V's_shield) 2x better defense stats 3. Skeletal Wyverns - Un-eqips DFS to use elemental shield, (I think DFS is bis?) Also have mind shield in bank which script should support & equip +9 magic def vs +6 for elemental shield 4. At wyverns script got stuck on the warning before entering the room. I manually accepted. Also during free farm Wyverns it brings a enchanted gem for no reason and 2 pray pots but never prays so 3 wasted invent spots currently. 5. Baby blacks> normal black for slayer task speed 6. Potentially pick up lobster @ fire giants and bass @ Wyrms for free food 7. Divine super combat potion support for free farm or just in general would be welcome to extend trip time and boost exp/hr 8. Rune pouch support for high alch runes save's 1 inventory space 9. High alch red dhide legs at Wyrms (I'm inclined to alch just about everything haha) 10. Bone crusher support? 11. There has been a lot of talk about prayer, maybe the safest way to incorporate would be to pray piety during special attacks, small boost and not as complex or suspicious are full on pray flicking 12. POH (fairy ring, ornate pool, teleports in jewelry box, mounted digsite + xeric's talisman) + Rune dragons will still have the most impact as compared to the other things I listed just wanted to put some idea's out there.
  8. I love checking this thread it's like every other day there is another massive update and huge step forward. I thought bone buying was silly but the clarifying post about being for wyrms and dragons isn't the worst idea. Going to bed tonight dreaming about POH + Ornate pool + jewelry box to castle wars support.. Cheers
  9. Bot is very very stable! Ran for 8 hours overnight no issues. Varrock and Falador tested so far. Will test Seers soon if no ban.
  10. Great additions man! My main picked up a ban today so looks like i'll be utilizing Turael for a while >.<
  11. I was going to ask about the slayer ring/ neck of passage but it looks like its already covered. Few small notes: - a check box option to bring natures to high alch loot would be really bad ass - Hill giant tasks looting drops the brass key and you have to go to the GE to buy another one. I bought like 50 on the ge manually because the script buys them one at a time. Could add a note in the guide that optimized looting will drop brass key for a limp root - House support would be cool but i not really a high priority imo -Switching to a stab weapon for dragon tasks like how the script switches to a leaf battle axe/sword for Turoth will increase exp p/hr for people who use whips as their main weapon. This will be clutch. The goal has always been exp per hour am i right?!
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