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  1. Can't wait to try out the new version! Thanks @Polymorphicfor continuing to support and optimize this great script!
  2. I went to check this and there was a pmod next to me haha. By the time I stopped it he had hopped. 2 days later got a temp lol
  3. Low key not sure why this script didn't gain more traction. The GUI is great, is has planker built in and fletching. I did it from reg trees to willows without any issues
  4. Wish I could tell you, happening to me too. What settings are you using?
  5. How does it get rusty sword for Ardy easy?
  6. Script is still in my repo and I tried it out this morning and it works fine. But pauses for a really time at the alter. Like freezes for a few min then crafts
  7. Tested this last week, no problems at all. Got me 100% favor no problem. Average 38 books an hour. Glorious.
  8. Just circled back to this and noticed that the script gets stuck when questing. Doesn't currently click "yes" I would like to start this quest. Otherwise is still great
  9. Tested the update and I can say it works like an absolute charm. Man this script is a blast to use.
  10. Hey Aropupu, Thanks for replying on Discord. I got the refund, bought the runite version and it's been a total fail because the script wont hop to trail blazer worlds even if i type in custom worlds. You can look at my time spent with the script since purchase. Bummed I didn't try out the world hopping before getting the refund and upgrading to runite. Is there anything you can do on your end to help with this issue? I understand it could be a client thing but if not I'd love if you could add it in. Thanks!
  11. I swear every time I run this script so many new updates have been made. It's a treat running through everything in the GUI. I have an eternal slayer gem, so should I keep ardy cloak tele off so it goes to the fairy ring using that instead?
  12. @Aropupu I bought the normal version (non runite) and am looking to upgrade. Only question is how does world hopping work? Any way to use this in trail blazer and have it just hop to those worlds? **EDIT Found the world hop settings looks like it will work. Whats the best way to upgrade my normal auth or can i buy the runite version and have 2 auths on my client?
  13. Holy cow i didn't even think about Botanist & Seaweed.. What a great idea. Thanks for the info! I'm going to buy an auth and use for selling ore to Tzharr shop for tokkul. Thanks
  14. @Naton Is there a feature in the GUI to turn off the league failsafe? Script stopped itself mid inventory when I leveled up when it noticed it was on a league world. @torger11 Script can smelt and blow glass no problem. Just did an invent of unpowered orbs with Tribot 11 JDK 8.271 17:59:57 [nCrafter] Unique preference profile successfully generated, seed: 4693069658875 (L********up) 17:59:57 [Info] Stop Conditions: 17:59:57 [nCrafter] Session data tracker launched 18:00:38 [ABC2] Sleeping for: 3512 18:00:42 [nCrafter] Ending script: Leagues failsafe 18:00:42 [Session Tracker]
  15. Hey @JustJ Will this be able to buy and bank soda ash/buckets of sand from Catherby Charters and world hop to league worlds? No trial so im shooting my shot here haha. Need 99 craft for that cape tele
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